After the retirement of Gerd de Bruyn the Institute for Principles of Modern Architecture, Cultural Theory and Design (IGMA) at the University Stuttgart experiences a total reboot. Not only does Stephan Trüby take charge of the institute, he also brings along a whole new team, in which c/o now is represented by Tobias Hönig. In 2018 Stuttgart is celebrating many anniversaries, some of them crucial to an institute obliged to modern architecture: 50 years '68, the 50th anniversary of the legendary Bauhaus-retrospective in Stuttgart, 50 years ago the HfG Ulm was closed and - last but not least - the IGMA itself will be 50.

Not only to evaluate the state of modernism in Baden-Württemberg together with the students, but also to allow the many in the team who do not origin from the southwestern federal province a sort of a "moon landing", c/o now contributes a Grand Tour - the GTBW_IGMA - to the teaching program in the first turn of the new institute.